Poster Archive : OCTOBER 2008

Message: In heaven even scars on the inside heal

Bible verse: Rev. 21:4 There will be no mourning, or crying, or pain anymore.

It was a warm August night in Cincinnati, Ohio, when Lee Pievack chopped off the end of his middle finger. A hobby-store salesman, he'd been demonstrating the propeller of a model plane to a customer. The finger flew up in the air and, unfortunately, was never found.

On the upside, Lee's brother happens to be a surgeon who'd created a powder that can regrow human tissue. The dust is an extract of pigs bladder and tricks the body into thinking it hasn't finished growing. You just sprinkle it on.

Which is exactly what happened. Today, Lee's fingertip, complete with fingernail and all the nerves have grown back.

There are plenty out there who are suspicious of the pig dust. Perhaps the 'severed finger' was really just a cut. As the story spreads, the finger gets longer.

Can we heal ourselves? Superficially, yes. Brand new legs, heart transplants, skin grafts, hair replacements are all amazing. But when it comes to real hurt, hurt from other people, healing is pretty limited. In fact, the greatest pain by far comes from things that have hurt our souls.

There are some scars, deep scars, that just don't heal. From things people said and did to us, and things we can't believe we did and said to others.

The Bible speaks about a time when all the scars and pain will end. God promises that he will:

"...wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away." Revelation 21:4

Internal healing like this is only available to those who let Jesus be their doctor. Jesus made it clear that he only came for the 'sick' not the healthy. The truth is, we're all sick. We all need Jesus to fix our souls. We need his friendship, we need his forgiveness.

Experience this, and the Bible says that God himself will wipe the tears from your eyes. He knows all your scars, especially the hidden ones inside. And he can heal every one of them. Without a trace.

Prayer: God, I've longed for love that no human or thing could ever meet. Thank you that in Jesus, I can have the relationship I was made for. AMEN

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