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Current poster: July 2014

Who's welcome to go to church in Australia? Aussies? Are you an Aussie? You know, a real one... born here, with an Aussie accent, who understands the jokes, the slang, and drinks beer (of course).

"Aussie" can mean different things. It just means an "Australian" for people overseas. Harmless enough. But sometimes we Australians use the word to separate the real deal from the recent arrivals - to suggest 'white' instead of dark skin or someone with the status of Australian royalty. You know, a surfer or a fourth generation farmer rather than a factory worker with an accent. For some Australians it feels awkward and presumptuous calling themselves an, 'Aussie'. Could I really dare to think of myself as an, 'Aussie'? With my accent and dark skin and the small flat I live in above the shop brimming with noisy relatives and my menial job? Don't Aussies have two kids and a backyard pool?

So, is anyone welcome in Church in this country? ......

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